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Will my insurance go up after a DUI?

The short answer to this question is yes. How much it will go up depends on several factors.

  • You will now have a DUI conviction on your record which will affect your rate.

  • What did your driving record look like before the DUI? If you had multiple tickets and or accidents previous to the DUI your premium will be higher than if you had had a clean record prior.

  • Did you receive just the DUI or were there other infractions during the incident, such as an accident with or without bodily injury, property damage or leaving the scene of an accident....

Once you have received a DUI in Florida you are required to have an FR44 Filing added to your car insurance policy. The filing itself is not expensive with the average cost being $25. The FR44 Filing is a Financial Responsibility Certificate that is filed with the State notifying them that you are carrying the required coverage.

The limits required after a DUI are $100,000/$300,000 Bodily Injury Limits and $50,000 in Property Damage. Bodily Injury covers other peoples injuries should you be in an at fault accident. Property Damage covers the other persons property should you be found at fault in an accident. More than likely you did not have these higher limits on your insurance policy prior to the DUI. Carrying these higher limits will make your premium higher than what you had paid previously.

The other important thing to know is once you are required to carry the FR44 Filing you will more than likely be required to pay your car insurance policy in full for each 6 month term for up to 3 years. Should your policy cancel due to late payment or non-payment the State may require you to start the penalty period over again.

At State Insurance Agency we know that dealing with all that comes with a DUI can be stressful and expensive. As agents we want to find you the least expensive insurance policy that we can find. We write policies with multiple carriers and will shop your insurance to make sure we find you the best rate that covers your insurance needs, whether it be an FR44 Filing for a Non-Owners, Owners or Motorcycle Insurance policy. We provide FR44 Insurance for Jacksonville, FL, the Beaches and surrounding areas. Give us a call so that we can provide you with a free quote and get you back on the road today.

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