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DUI - Car Vs. Tree

(Roselle Police/Facebook)

A few weeks ago, a Roselle police officer spotted a car driving by with a 15 foot tree looming from the grill. When he pulled the vehicle over he also noticed the airbags had been deployed from the impact of hitting said tree. The driver of the vehicle was a 54 year old woman. After failing a series of field sobriety tests she was arrested for DUI. She stated that she remembered hitting the tree but wasn't sure where or when the accident happened.

I don't think there are many people of drinking age that can say they have never drank and drove, but I'm sure there is no one that can say they have hit a 15 foot tree that impaled their vehicle, the airbags deployed and they kept driving along as if it were a Sunday afternoon and they were heading to church.

Most people have had a few and gotten behind the wheel. 9 times out of 10 you will probably make it to your destination without incident. If that one time, you do not and require an FR44 Florida Insurance Filing we will gladly assist you. We do strongly urge that you use a designated driver, call a cab or simply stay where you are until you are sober enough to drive, so that you will never need our services. Please, don't drink and drive, but if you do and you need our assistance, give us a call at 904-247-5599 and we will be there for you to help with any of your auto insurance needs.

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